Family Optometrist for Allen, TX

Eye care is extremely important but it’s often neglected, especially for children. Aside from school eye exams, has your child had a formal eye exam? School eye exams in Allen and all over the nation only detect 25% of vision problems. This leaves a rather large percentage of children with undetected eye care needs. Make an appointment with our family optometrist to ensure your child receives proper eye care.

An eye doctor for the whole family.

Some children and parents don’t realize their vision is unnatural. How do you tell if the world is blurry if you have always experienced it that way? After all, school success depends dramatically on vision for grades 12 and under.

Our family optometrist in Allen performs pediatric eye exams through a cycloplegic refraction. This procedure is the most accurate and comprehensive eye exam for children to date. This allows our optometrist to detect an early vision impairment, which presents a greater chance for your child’s vision to improve as they age.

It is important to get your child into see our family optometrist for a pediatric eye exam. Give our family optometrist office a call in Allen, TX today at 972-301-8002.
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